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Community Connection to Wildlands

In partnership with the Watershed Conservation Authority

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Our Camping Trips.

Nunez & Nunez Consulting Services, Inc (NNCS) believes the land and water surrounding us and beneath our feet share stories of healing, lessons, growth, life, and inspiration. NNCS is dedicated to unlocking those stories and creating new ones for generations to come. Our trips will journey into the Angeles National Forest and stay at campsites that include Crystal Lake Recreation Area and Camp Eaton. All overnight camping trips are free of charge with essential camping equipment, meals, transportation, and programming provided. Each trip has a maximum of 12 high school-aged youth (14-18 yrs) and a minimum of three experienced, trained, and certified outdoor instructors (4:1 instructor-to-student ratio). 

The Community Connection to Wildlands Program provides access to public lands and

outdoor recreational activities for Southeast Los Angeles County youth. The purpose of the Program is to improve access to nature for youth in urban areas with a focus on historically underserved communities. The work of the WCA and selected Consultant(s) under the Program will support a San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy’s objective to support the “public’s enjoyment and enhancement of recreational and educational experiences on

public lands.”

About our Partnership.

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This award is in partnership with the Watershed Conservation Authority (WCA). Established in 2003, the WCA is a local public entity of the State of California exercising joint powers of the San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy (RMC) and the Los Angeles County Flood Control District. The WCA is funded primarily by grants and receives limited funding from JPA Partner contributions and lease revenues for operational expenses.

The WCA vision of Connecting Communities through Nature embraces a ‘work with nature’ approach to watershed enhancement to improve water conservation and supply reliability, as well as providing increased access to open space and recreational opportunities within the San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers Watersheds.


Our Team.

NNCS staff and field instructors share over 40 years of experience working with diverse youth as coaches, educators, and outdoor instructors. Having led over 100 camping, backpacking, and day hikes our instructors understand trip safety, planning, coordination, and implementation.


Nathan Nunez

CEO & Program Director

A descendant of a Native American village in the San Gabriel Mountains, Nathan is guided by his cultural practices of living in a reciprocal relationship with nature. Nathan is the founder, CEO, and owner of NNCS, leads a volunteer group Canyon City Environmental Project (CCEP), and is an active leader, instructor, and advocate in the outdoor community. Nathan holds a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, is a seasoned sports coach/Recreation supervisor, and worked previously as a Health Educator for an urban Indian Health clinic. His work is grounded in hands-on interventions and practice by working directly with the community. Nathan Nunez has provided outdoor instruction, cultural education, group leadership, and coaching for a thousand people in the last 5+ years. His vast experience working with different cultures and ages provides him with a unique ability to form enduring and authentic relationships with the communities he works with.

Trainings & Certifications: 


Michael Garcia

Program Development Specialist

Michael Garcia began his connection to nature by exploring the Los Angeles River. While growing up in the city of Maywood in the mid-1970s, a mentor by the name of Jaime Rodelo requested that Michael “skip” school so he could explore the natural watershed of the San Gabriel River. Jaime challenged Michael that day by spending a couple hours cleaning up the immediate area of the East Fork of the San Gabriel River. Michael has continued the inspiration and foundation that Jaime created that day in the Angeles National Forest. Since 2002 Michael has been involved in outdoor education.


He has instructed, trained, and inspired future stewards with various outdoor organizations (Outward Bound Adventure- REI-Leave No Trace) Whether practicing Leave No Trace or instructing Wilderness First Aid, Michael has kept his roots deep within the Los Angeles and San Gabriel watersheds.

Trainings & Certifications: 


Carol Martinez

Program Coordinator

Carol Martinez is the program coordinator for Community Connections to Wildland (CCW) where she exercises her passion for community empowerment and growth through experience. For over 13 years, she has worked with youth in the non-profit and education sector in various capacities and has witnessed first-hand the benefits of recreating outside. Carol received her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Exercise Science from Cal State Northridge and her Masters in Sport Management from Cal State Long Beach. She is a proud graduate and is now an instructor of Outward Bound Adventures (OBA) Diverse Outdoors Leaders Institute (DOLI).  


Trainings & Certifications:

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Brandon Fuller

Field Instructor

Brandon Fuller is a dedicated advocate for youth empowerment, deeply committed to instilling healthy habits and serving as a positive role model. As a program manager for a youth development organization, Brandon focuses on providing transformative experiences for black and brown youth. Graduating from the Diverse Outdoor Leader Institute in 2020, he achieved certification as a wilderness instructor through OBA, leading numerous impactful trips and evolving into a respected mentor. His dedication and hard work stood out in his cohort, earning him the prestigious title of Dolidictorian by the Diverse Outdoor Leader Institute, and he was also granted an ACE (Authenticity, Competency, Empathy) award for his excellence by OBA. 


He also culminated from the Vision 2020 Institute in 2023, specializing in behavioral management and community building. Actively engaged in his community, Brandon is passionate about uplifting individuals in a holistic manner, fostering growth and empowerment at every opportunity.

Trainings & Certifications: 


Dulce Real

Field Instructor

Dulce Real, a first-generation individual born and raised in the San Fernando Valley to Nicaraguan and Mexican immigrant parents, grew up with the perception that outdoor experiences were often intertwined with the labor and hardships endured by immigrant families in the United States, particularly due to her mother's own experiences. However, as time has passed and Dulce has cultivated her profound personal connection with the natural world, she has evolved into a staunch advocate for redefining outdoor access, education, and stewardship. Dulce has also contributed her expertise as a naturalist and science educator at LAUSDs sole Outdoor Education school. Through her association with different Outdoor Education Organizations, she has discovered a valuable platform to share the wisdom and experiences that nature has bestowed upon her with BIPOC youth. In doing so, she seeks to empower and inspire the next generation to embrace the great outdoors and engage in land stewardship, transcending any historical barriers that may have limited access to these transformative experiences.


Dulce brings a wealth of experience to her role as an outdoor program leader in various Outdoor Education agencies, with an impressive eight-year tenure. Her responsibilities have encompassed a diverse range of outdoor programs, spanning from challenging nine-day backpacking excursions in the Eastern Sierra to comprehensive 21-day Environmental Studies Expeditions in Southern Oregon.

Trainings & Certifications: 

Risk Management.

NNCS Risk Management Mission Statement

NNCS fosters a supportive, intentional, and growth-minded culture that promotes intercompany dialogue, collaboration, and tone-setting that centers the health and well-being of employees and participants as one of our highest priorities.

Risk Management Goals

We recognize that risks exist inherently in all aspects of our work, without which our programs would not be possible. While we don’t believe “100% safe” exists in the real world, we also don’t believe any risk is worth taking unless there is a positive outcome to be gained from it. The following goals aim to guide the organization’s engagement with risk to maximize positive outcomes for the youth we engage:

  1. Commit to a shared vision of ongoing mutual learning, understanding, and anticipation of risk through a collaborative systems approach to risk assessment that considers the likelihood and consequences as key factors that determine risk level

  2. To prevent fatalities and serious, disabling, or disfiguring injuries and serious illness

  3. To reduce all injuries, severe emotional distress, incidents, and near misses

  4. To continuously reflect, discuss, evaluate, and improve Risk Management practices to identify gaps or silos in implementation, and areas of improvement

  5. To maintain a Risk Management Committee with staff, participants, and partners

  6. To anticipate and respond effectively to emergency situations with the aim of promoting the health and well-being of all people involved with suitable protocols and plans

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