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CEO & Founder

Nathan Nunez

Nathan Nunez is the founder and CEO of Nunez & Nunez Consulting Services Inc (NNCS). A descendant of a Native American village in the San Gabriel Mountains he is guided by his cultural practices of living in a reciprocal relationship with nature. He is certified as an Interpretive Guide, UC California Naturalist,  Level 2 Instructor (American Safety & Health Institute), Wilderness First Aid, Youth Mental First Aid, and a graduate of the Outward Bound Adventures - Diverse Outdoors Leadership Institute. His Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and years as a sports coach and Health Educator have grounded his work with hands-on interventions and practice by working directly with the community. 

Nathan Nunez has provided outdoor instruction, cultural education, group leadership, and coaching for a thousand people in the last 5+ years. His vast experience working with different cultures and ages provides him with a unique ability to form enduring and authentic relationships with the communities he works with. Nathan is an experienced public speaker and skilled facilitator in the workspace, community, or partner setting. More information on Nathan Nunez can be found by visiting the learn more button below.  

Our Story

Nunez & Nunez Consulting Services Inc. (NNCS) is an organizational and community development consulting firm working to bring nature back into our communities by fostering sustainable community-led nature initiatives, transformative outdoor programs, and enhancing green space access for the holistic well-being of our urban communities.

Founded by Nathan Nunez, an experienced outdoor instructor, cultural educator, and advocate, our consulting firm believes the land and water surrounding us and beneath our feet share stories of healing, lessons, growth, life, and inspiration. NNCS is dedicated to unlocking those stories and creating new ones for generations to come.

Through long-term relationship building our firm maintains strong and impactful community, cultural, governmental, and non-governmental relationships. Providing the firm with a unique ability to facilitate increased cross-sector collaboration, support system change efforts, and establish regional project connections. 

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